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The business purpose of EyeMisra USA LLC, as registered with State authorities in New Jersey, is:

“To help reduce the economic burden from eye diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and pathological myopia; as well  as the burden from learning disability such as dyslexia, and to help educate nurses and teachers by way of research, scholarship, experimental studies, and the launch of innovative software, websites, instrumentation, and therapeutic modalities.”

The DUNS number for EyeMisra is 090995954.

Just as this demonstration apparatus from 1873, known as the "Crooke's Radiometer," responds with immediate rotary motion following incidence of light and heat, so we humans are moved substantially by the mental impressions from our sense of sight: a phenomenon known to scientists as "visual capture."

Tech Partners

Electronics & Assembly

Cygnus LLC is our Tech Partner for switches, panels, keypads, injection molding,  custom electronics, mechanicals, software programming, and quality control inspection using NIST traceable criteria for calibration. Cygnus is certified to be compliant with manufacturing standards ISO-9001:200 and IPC-A-610 []. 

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