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EyeMisra has been created with the sole express purpose to develop, test, and launch (after FDA approvals) 2 diagnostic instruments/technology for sale to eye clinics-- one for measuring intra-ocular pressure by video applanation technique (Ellipsometric Tonometer, TM) and the other to estimate ocular sphere and cylinder (Psychometric Refractor, TM) by "meridional targets" presented using tele-centric optics (Badal/Maxwellian view). 

As of today (April, 2024) these instruments are in the stage of optical and mechanical assembly, with assistance from manufacturing partner who are also located in New Jersey.

Kindly note that we do NOT reply to questions from patients wanting to address disorders of visual functionality, any type of eye disease, and neither any related signs, symptoms, or problems they might be facing.

"They spoke of Alhazen and Vitello, 
And Aristotle, who wrote, in their lives, 
On strange mirrors and optical instruments."

Geoffrey Chaucer,
The Canterbury Tales
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